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How to start selling tickets in 5 minutes


Sell tickets

Sign up with your organizer's profile and create event. That will take no more then few moments. We will process all the info for you in 24 hours and the event is online.


Check in the tickets

Check in process has never been easier thanks to our app BOOM chek-in. All you need is Android smartphone and our app.


Collect money

After the event you will receive the money on your bank account in 5 workdays! We charge one of the lowest fees on the market - only 4% + VAT.

Cool features

Data Dashboard

Promoters own their data! Our dashboard is created to maximize convenience of watching, analyzing and exporting important data of your event. It includes all important numbers for quality evaluation of your event.
Data dashboard

Online Events

BOOM has created unique platform for selling tickets for online events. You can collect voluntarily contribution as well as allowing access for online events only for paying customers - almost as in offline world :) You create the content and we will take care of selling your tickets and maximizing security.

Check in App

Check in of the purchased tickets has never been easier thanks to our BOOM chek-in app. It works on any Android device. Thanks to the app you have perfect control over movement of the visitors at the entry. You can check in even without internet connection and all you need is to scan the ticket's QR code.

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