Workouts in Jardín del Turia park

Workouts in Jardín del Turia park

Date11/10/2020, 9:26 AM - 11/22, 7:00 PM
AddressJardín del Turia, Valencia
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Event description

Wanna loose weight? Built strength? Just make better shape? Get rid off backache? 

Or are you interested in muay thai/ kickboxing/ boxing?

My name is Martin Fenz and I am certified personal trainer of muay thai and fitness and I am offering you private lessons in Jardín del Turia park.

Possible every day 8-22 at cost 10€ per lesson. I am English speaking.

Contact me via email ( or whatsapp (+420 732 283 962) for booking day and time!

Booking lessons is available until 22.11.2020

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