DateOctober 1 at 5:00 PM - October 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM
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Event description

The Forman Brothers’ Wild West Show

The Forman Brothers Theatre is back in your peaceful town…

It’s the beginning of the twentieth century and a conjuror, illusionist, and owner of a cheap cabaret is living out his dreams in magical Prague. He is obsessed with the technical miracles of his times: film, photography, and the husky sound of the phonograph. Yet his favourite fantasies are those of riding across the plains of Arizona, drinking with weather-beaten gunslingers at a saloon and holding wild and beautiful women in his arms. At least that’s the image he had gleaned from the Wild West silent westerns and yellowed photographs telling stories of a faraway land. And because his life is a constant balancing act between illusion and reality, it is not difficult for him to embark on a journey into the dream world.


Story synopsis and script: Ivan Arsenjev, Petr Forman

Director: Petr Forman

Scenography: Josef Sodomka, Matěj Forman

Tent interior design: Matěj Forman

Choreography: Veronika Švábová, Marek Zelinka and collective

Music and songs: Marko Ivanovič, Jarda Traband Svoboda; La Lettera di Lincoln - Ennio Morricone

- arrangement: Jan Hasenöhrl, in cooperation with Czech National Symphony Orchestra

Costumes: Andrea Sodomková

Animation, film image: Josef Lepša

Camera: Jaromír Kačer

Sound effects and foley sounds: Michal Holubec, Marek Poledna (Studio Bystrouška)

Visual postproduction: i/o post

Projection technology: Jan Hrdlička, Jiří Wild (3dsense)

Light design: Louise Gibaud, Petr Forman

Light concept: Igor Schmidt, Petr ‘Goro’ Horký, Petr Forman

Sound concept: Philippe Leforestier, Philippe Tivilier

COMEDIANS, ILLUSIONISTS, GUNFIGHTERS AND BEAUTIFUL LADIES: Petr Forman, Veronika Švábová, Marek Zelinka, Jacques Laganache, Daniela Voráčková, Josefína Voverková, Vojta Švejda/Jiří Kniha, Michael Vodenka/Miroslav Kochánek, Ivan ”Zobák” Pelikán, Petr “Goro” Horký, Josef Sodomka/Ivan Arsenjev, Philippe Leforestier, Louise Gibaud/Tomáš Morávek, Mitakuye Oyeasin, Jakub Tokoly, Ondřej Komárek et Dizzy Gilagio (Didier Castelle, Francois Lezer, Michel Oger, Thierry Malard)