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Teamwork within your Workspace
We all know it: Once the team works well, the work flows and miracles happen. And we want to give you that at Workspace. So let's take a look at what such teamwork can look like on our event platform!
Mobile portable toilets: How many, where and why?
When hosting an event such as a music festival, food market or one-day event full of fun, you get to a point where you start thinking about how many toilets you should prepare for your visitors. Especially for larger festivals, this is one of the most important questions to focus on. A poorly sized number of toilets can lead to long queues and, more importantly, very rapid soiling, which can often defile the festival experience. You can have a perfect eventin all other respects, but you throw away all previous efforts with a mismanaged toilet situation.
The Walkie-Talkie: Event Manager's Best Friend
Organisers of large events have long ago discovered the advantages of walkie-talkies. However, it is only recently that organisers of smaller events have started using them. It is an easy-to-use, two-way communication system that allows simple and effective communication of the whole team. It does not require complicated installation, maintenance, or even lengthy training. As a result, the production team can effectively stay in touch over long distances. After all, trying to communicate by shouting across half the area isn't exactly great. 
What is Technical and Non-technical (Hospitality) Rider?
When booking musicians, you will often come across terms such as “technical and non-technical rider”. But what do these terms mean, and what is the difference between them?
Halloween: Scary Facts from the Event Industry
Halloween is coming… and that brings new opportunities to everyone, who loves dressing up in costumes of trendy characters, eating weird-looking things that you would throw out the rest of the year, and getting their teeth destroyed from all the sugar.
Increase your Sales with the Ticket Bundles!
We’ve released another cool feature that will launch your event into Space. You can create ticket packages within your event that are completely independent of individual tickets. Read on to see what it is specifically, how it works, and why it’s cool.
How to Check-in Visitors at the Entrance to the Event?
The visitor check-in process is often a thorn in the side of any organizer. Do we have enough capacity for check-in? Will the check-in system work? What if too many visitors arrive at once? Will our devices read the QR codes correctly? But we do have one piece of good news. If you’re selling tickets with us, questions like these won’t wake you up from your dreams at night anymore. And what if you don’t sell with us? Then we have just one piece of advice: It’s time to change that.
Check-in Tickets with your Phone in the iOS App!
BOOM! is coming up with another new feature that will make the work of organizers easier, whether it’s a concert or a theatre performance. Because we listen to your needs, we’ve worked on being iOS-friendly. That’s why some of you will be pleased to know that our check-in app is now available in the App Store.
What is the Easiest Way to Sell Tickets?
Whether it’s a concert, a theater performance, a wine tasting, or a dog beauty pageant, it’s up to you how successful your event will be. Every event is different and as organizers you have to be prepared for everything.
How to Promote your Event on Social Media
Are you organising an event or are wondering how to attract as many people as possible? Social media is surely one of the best ways how to spread the word about your event. Read our tips on how to use them for your event’s promotion!
Tips for New Event Managers
If you are creating an event, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small concert, a cooking class or an excursion, depending on each sector and type of client, there is a multitude of tasks and details to consider.
How Did the Pandemic Change Events?
The social situation caused by the Coronavirus has weakened practically all economic sectors. How does the world of events react and deal with it?
Earth Day is Here: What Eco-Events Can We Organize?
On Friday 22.4. we are celebrating International Earth Day, which reminds us of the struggle for better climatic conditions, more accommodating behavior towards our planet and that shows us the fact that an individual’s attitude can help society. This is a great opportunity to show you do not ignore the threats of the climate change. Choose some of these ideas and create an event with a positive impact!
We Have a New Feature: The Cash Desk!
At BOOM! we want to constantly evolve and improve, there is no doubt about that. We want the organizers to have a simpler organizing experience and therefore listen to your feedback. And one of them was adding this feature: The Cash Desk! How does it help with ticket sales and analyzing data of your event?
Cash Desk: 7 perks in 8 steps
Cash Desk is your new way to sell tickets at your venue or just before the event takes place. There are always people who wait with buying tickets until the last minute, so be ready for that! With the Cash Desk, you will still have all your data and visitor’s info for further use. It would be a shame to lose them, no?
REBEL REBEL: Creating Great Events Out of the Big Cities
It is proven. You don’t need to live in a big city to organize good and high-quality events.