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How to promote your event on social media
Are you organising an event or workshop and are wondering how to attract as many people as possible? Social media is surely one of the best ways how to spread the word about your event. Read our tips on how to use them for your event's promotion.
We Have a New Feature: The Cash Desk!
At BOOM! we want to constantly evolve and improve, there is no doubt about that. We want the organizers to have a simpler organizing experience and therefore listen to your feedback. And one of them was adding this feature: The Cash Desk! How does it help with ticket sales and analyzing data of your event?
Earth Day is Here: What Eco-Events Can We Organize?
On Friday 22.4. we are celebrating International Earth Day, which reminds us of the struggle for better climatic conditions, more accommodating behavior towards our planet and that shows us the fact that an individual's attitude can help society.
Stand for Ukraine
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small events for your neighbourhood or a music festival for hundreds of people, we won’t charge you anything for the service if you organise an event in support of Ucraine. Get in touch with us!
We are here with the new - even more advantageous pricing!
We have decided to support our organizers - we have created our new pricing, which helps them to ask for more money from their visitors and giving BOOM! less.
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Discover how the coronavirus has changed events
Tourism, restaurants, transport and, of course, events. All of them are still suffering the effects and are forced to adapt to the new way of consuming and relating with customers: staying home, not going out, avoiding contact, and so on.
Amazing ways to sell tickets for your events: step by step and free
If you are creating an event, it doesn't matter if it's a small concert, a cooking class or an excursion, depending on each sector and type of client, there are a multitude of tasks and details to consider.
Get your events under control: the easiest way to sell tickets
Whether it's a concert, a theater performance, a wine tasting, or a dog beauty pageant, it's up to you how successful your event will be. Every event is different and as organizers you have to be prepared for everything.